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Laurance Langdon

Gulf News: Captains of industry from the UAE maritime and shipping sector share their views on trends

How much in your view as an industry pioneer has the industry changed since the early years and what is its scope for expansion going forward?
With the vision of the UAE leaders, the move to digital and paperless and the implementation of blockchain, change is happening fast in the logistics sector. It’s clear that JAFZA wants to be the region’s central point for business and their openness to listen to their customers enables this change, and MFC has for decades always been a go-to partner for JAFZA to discuss and test these new ideas. There is a wider challenge, and perhaps the bottleneck is that the industry needs to catch up and embrace many of these changes so globally everyone is connected, but for now the UAE is definitely well positioned for the future.

Enhancing business procedures is an obstacle for shipping firms, how is MFC evolving to counter this?
Covid sent out a message to businesses — evolve or die, demanding a different work ethic. So, MFC overhauled its processes, investing in a new ERP, a system built in-house for our customers. Visibility and customer connectivity is in demand, and now we are more efficient, which improves our customer experience.

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