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Freightweek Sustainability Awards Winner 2022 -MFC Freight week Sustainability awards winner - MFC

MFC wins Sustainable 3PL Logistics Company of the Year 2022 Award

Modern Freight Company is extremely surprised, excited and humbled to receive the award for the Sustainable 3PL Logistics Company of the year 2022. When we decided to select 2022 as the ‘MFC Year of Sustainability’, which was supported by our switch to full solar power, we did so not for awards or recognition, we did it because our colleagues wanted to do more and most importantly because we knew it’s the right thing to do.

Raising awareness on sustainability within the company, with our customers and within our community has been our pledge, and our regular activities have helped us to do this, as well as ensuring we have a lot of fun along the way. This award will give us the extra motivation to work even harder to bring change to an industry that can do so much more. At MFC, we believe that in the Middle East solar should be mandatory for warehousing operations, recycling must be done properly, and single use plastics should be banned, and most importantly sustainability should be a key criteria for customers when selecting their partners along their supply chains.