Information Technology

Information technology

Information Technology

A robust and fast supply chain requires an advanced, & flexible and scalable warehouse management and transport management framework to meet the continuously evolving demands of consumer trends. MFC uses a portfolio of custom-built technology and software that can be easily integrated into your business processes and systems, providing real-time information, and enabling a seamless, scalable, secure & efficient supply chain.

With our Warehouse Management System our customer can not only view, but also have complete visibility on the status of their stocks Our customers can view their financial and operation documents, including Statement of Accounts through our Online Stock Tracking Portal.

The Workflow Management System integrated with our Freight Forwarding System enables customers to view the real time flow of documents during the customs declaration process. It will also be directly integrated with Dubai Customs to provide the fastest and smoothest document declarations.

MFC continuously invests in the latest hardware and software to ensure that as many processes as possible are automated, risk of human error is reduced, safe operations are carried out, and information is reliable, accurate and easy to find so customers can make the correct strategic decisions.

MFC has a robust IT security posture with a focus on CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) and a standardized security infrastructure with the latest proven tools, data backed up to multiple sources, and a parallel full scale IT infrastructure maintained in the cloud.
The MFC IT security policy is a key part of our pledge to customers to ensure secure data and business continuity, guaranteed through continuous review and the use of the latest technology designed to overcome threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.
MFC has multiple layer network security, dynamic ransomware, malware prevention and monitoring, which is supported by continuous user education and awareness. All access to MFC systems is through secure configurations and our critical systems are resilient to all cybersecurity threats.

Key Features:

      • Data backed up to multiple sources and designed to

         withstand any security threat.

      • Critical systems are resilient to Cybersecurity threats.

      • Continuous user education and awareness.

      • Organizational culture designed to promote Cybersecurity.