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Be it a sporting event or entertainment festival, smooth logistics is the key to its success.
The ever-evolving rules and regulations demand expertise and a trusted partner who can handle not only your logistics but help you set up the event quickly and cost-effectively.

MFC Extreme is the specialist division within the MFC Group, providing event logistics and modular solutions for all events across the GCC and internationally, through our network of specialist event partners.

Since MFC was established in 1977, MFC has provided services across hundreds of events, and as a result, MFC Extreme was established on the demand of our clients requiring bespoke solutions under heavy time pressure.

MFC Concepts, which is the MFC Groups container conversion and modular fabrication company, MFC Extreme provides unique event modular solutions, whether it be a bespoke night club, VIP areas or retail and entertainment areas using our unique collapsible containers.

Through an exclusive partnership with Continest, across the GCC, MFC manufacturers and suppliers collapsible containers, which fit together like Lego bricks, making perfect retail and entertainment solutions. They take 3 people minutes to assemble and can be transported 10 x 20’ units on one truck, compared to 2 standard containers. This saves money, storage area and helps to reduce the carbon footprint on the event.

Our Services

  • Logistics & Strategic Planning
  • Total To-the-Site, On-the-site & From-The-Site Solutions
  • Air, Sea-Air and Road Transportation
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Expedited Custom Clearance
  • Modular onsite solutions

Whether it is a sporting event, music concert, corporate event or a festival, MFC Extreme will have you covered from the start to the finish, and everything in between.


MFC Extreme