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Hapag Lloyd no show fees

Customer Memo: Hapag Lloyd’s notification for ‘No Show Fees’ & ‘Booking Cancellation Fees’ for Shipping from Middle East & Africa.

Hapag Lloyd state that a "No Show" is adversely affecting the ability to "Load As Booked". The issue affects all customers across the board as it requires us to overbook vessels to avoid chances of vessels sailing light.
In order for you to plan your cargo optimally and for us to deliver on our quality promise of “Loaded As Booked”, effective October 1, 2021, Region Middle East will introduce the following charges:

No Show Fee - USD 200 per container
• No Show refers to equipment that does not show up in terminal prior to cut-off. Other customer caused reasons such as missing documentation are also considered  a “No Show”.

Booking Cancellation Fee - USD 100 per container
• Cancellation fee applies if Hapag-Lloyd is informed about a booking cancellation or reduction of volume 10 days or less prior to vessel Estimated Time of Departure (ETD).
• For volume reductions, the cancellation fee is applied to the number of containers being reduced: e.g. a booking with ten containers is reduced by two, the fee applies for two containers only.
• NO charge applicable if you cancel or reduce the booking 10 days before vessel ETD.
We believe this will bring predictability and better planning of supply chains for our customers. Please note that the above charges do NOT apply to Quality Freight Product and Shipping Guarantee, as those have separate terms related to cancellation and no show.
For further information, please contact our customer service team at your location who will be happy to guide you based on your individual situation.

MFC advisory note: It is expected that other vessel operators will follow and adopt the same changes with varying fee tariffs. Our team is available to answer any questions or concerns on this matter.